In the Devotional Hebrew Bible Study with Dr. Eli participants journey LIVE & RECORDED through fascinating stories of Israel, examining Old Testament/Hebrew Bible stories. Together with Dr. Eli you will explore linguistic, historical and cultural backgrounds of the text that has been a guiding light of the Jewish people for generations. Join us on this journey of discovery today!

Interaction and Flexibility

  • Live interactive classes with Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg and Rabbi Dr. David Friedman
  • Recorded video sessions for later and repeat viewing
  • Full compatibility with all mobile devices

Accessibility and Credibility

  • To be taken with or without other courses already offered
  • University level material in plain language
  • No prior knowledge of Biblical languages is necessary
  • Easy Skype-like video conferencing technology

Tuition and Duration

  • Affordable tuition
  • One hour sessions
“Never say ‘I will study when I have the time,’ because you may never have the time to study!”(Rabbi Hillel, c. 100 BC)
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