Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations

In Jewish Culture and History by Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian RelationsThe Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations (CSJCR) at the Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel (Jezreel Valley Academic College) is the premier institute of Jewish-Christian research, teaching and encounter in the Galilee. The CSJCR is at the same time academic in orientation and also committed to building better relationships between communities on the ground.

Their dynamic learning and enrichment opportunities are open to everyone: Jews and Christians, students and academics, clergy and laypeople, local Israelis and overseas visitors.

At the Galilee CSJCR they recognize that Jewish-Christian relations are about far more than just theological differences. Drawing on many fields of study, including theology, scripture, language, history and sociology, they aim to empower and equip Jews and Christians with the tools to engage each other and the complex world we face.

We strive for excellence in three core areas:

  • Encouraging academic research in Jewish-Christian relations
  • Teaching about Jewish-Christian relations
  • Supporting Jewish-Christian engagement in Israel

Jews and Christians share a unique relationship, both as distinct religious traditions that are inextricably linked, and as communities with a long and complex history of interaction.

The Galilee CSJCR breaks new ground as the first full-fledged research center in Jewish-Christian Relations housed at an institute for higher learning in Israel.

Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations is located on the campus of Yezreel Valley College, in the north of Israel, between Nazareth and Afula.

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