Our Hebrew Fathers

In Certificate, live-courses by Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

Our Hebrew Fathers is a fascinating course that explores the life of Israel’s Fathers and Mothers. If the book of Exodus tells the story of Israel’s birth as a nation, the Book of Genesis tells a story of Israel’s birth as a family. Together with our talented and knowledgeable faculty of experts in the Hebrew Bible and language, you will be able to uncover the original meaning of many ancient texts by going directly to the Hebrew roots underlying modern translation. You will learn to look for and identify nuances that have been lost in translation for many centuries. To see the schedule click HERE, to see how it works click HERE.  This fascinating interpretive journey through familiar stories will yield a magnificent spiritual treasure that will enrich your life. Together we will discover on a different and much deeper level the enduring value and significance of the Hebrew Bible.

Taught by:

  • Rabbi Ross Singer
  • Prof. Igal GermanProf. Igal German
  • Prof. Pinchas Shir
  • Prof. Yonatan Alon

Reasonably short

  • 90 minutes per session
  • One study takes under 3 months

Very Flexible

  • No homework (in class learning only)
  • If LIVE class is missed, recording is provided


  • One-Click entrance into the class
  • Plain language presentations


  • Reasonable tuition
  • Sow into economy of Israel
“Never say ‘I will study when I have the time,’ because you may never have the time to study!”(Rabbi Hillel, c. 100 BC)
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