Reading Hebrew (Elective)

In audio-course, Certificate by Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

Reading Hebrew is not another daunting Hebrew grammar course, but a fantastic opportunity to actually read Hebrew and to learn how you can use readily available internet-based resources to check the original text under English translation for alternative translation choices. Together we will explore ancient texts from the Torah of Moses, the Jewish prayer books and even sample some ancient Jewish writings from the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in Qumran. Just imagine reading in class from the comfort of your home the same text from the Book of Isaiah that Jesus read in the synagogue in Nazareth (Luke 4:16-19), preparing to come to Israel one day to be able to read that very text while visiting Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The great Isaiah scroll is on display for anyone to see, but you will be among those who will be able to actually read it!

Taught by:

  • Rabbi Ross Singer
  • Prof. Igal GermanProf. Igal German
  • Prof. Pinchas Shir
  • Prof. Yonatan Alon

Reasonably short

  • 90 minutes per session
  • One study takes under 3 months

Very Flexible

  • No homework (in class learning only)
  • Video Recording Only


  • One-Click entrance into the class
  • Plain language presentations
“Never say ‘I will study when I have the time,’ because you may never have the time to study!”(Rabbi Hillel, c. 100 BC)
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