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Did Jesus Declare All Foods Clean?

In Jewish Jesus by Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

In Mark 7 we read about a sharp debate between Judean Pharisees and Jesus over the fact that his Galilean disciples did not follow an important Pharisaic innovation introduced long ago. This innovation had to …

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The Hebrew Hallelujah

In Jewish Culture and History by Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

There is probably not a single person alive who isn’t familiar with the word “Hallelujah”. We’ve all heard this word repeated time and again in various contexts. Hallelujah is a Hebrew loan word, incorporated into …

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Blessing That Was Meant for Jacob

In Hebrew Bible by Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

The majority of believers struggle with the biblical figure of Jacob when they consider his life in the privacy of their thoughts. The basic question they ask is – how can a thief, a liar …

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666 or 616?

In Jewish Apocalypse, Jewish Culture and History by Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

Today gematria is well-known as a Jewish interpretive method that assigns numerical values of Hebrew letters to words, phrases and/or sentences. Then, by adding them together, it seeks to determine their deeper meaning. Sometimes that …