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The Israel Study Center is an institute of higher learning located in Israel. The center is dedicated to providing university level, world-class, LIVE, online courses delivered via simple video-conferencing technology by means of clear and engaging communication. So our campus is virtual.

Our courses are prepared in collaboration with internationally known world-class scholars, representing top Israeli and international universities. All our activities are focused in the field of Jewish Studies, particularly in those areas of Jewish Studies that are relevant for modern Christ-followers.

The Israel Study Center seeks to contribute to the betterment of Jewish-Christian relations by providing excellent, effective, affordable and accessible education on topics related to the Jewish people.

The center offers individual courses that are designed to be short, concentrated and affordable; introducing the student to usually unfamiliar and unavailable areas of Jewish Studies. The one-year Certificate in Jewish Context and Culture program covers a wide variety of topics, all of which were carefully selected as being highly relevant for the person seeking to become both a responsible and creative modern interpreter of the sacred texts.

Israel Study Center does not grant degrees and as such does not need accreditation. The center issues certificates in Jewish Context and Culture backed by the high caliber of scholars and teachers (click HERE and HERE) involved with the center representing both Israeli and International universities. Institutions of Higher Learning outside of Israel on case-by-case basis may decide to accept all or some of Israel Study Center courses as be part of their respective programs of study (when courses are formally accredited in one country they can not be simply transferred to the local university in another country, instead the dean/provost of the school upon examination of the course, makes decision on whether or not to accept them as credit transfers). Each course that Israel Study Center offers is equivalent to 2 academic credits in traditional seminary or university. Those students wishing to take any course for credit will be assigned reading materials and will take an exam in the end of each course.

To learn more abut our program of study at the center CLICK HERE.  To understand how the process works CLICK HERE. And you can also get an inside peek and see how classes work by watching a short video below.

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